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Boat Trailer launches worldwide "factory direct" boat trailer sales network.

Since 1987, boat trailer sales has been our passion. First selling in Fort Pierce Florida, then adding Melbourne Florida it was easy to see that our customers were enjoying our great prices and the quality we build into every trailer. Seeing a need to reach more boat owners we created a delivery network that will eventually span the globe.

We currently distribute trailers in the South United States including Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. We also deliver to sea ports in Florida enabling worldwide export of boat trailers.

By controlling the purchasing, manufacturing and distribution of boat trailers worldwide, our goal of providing  a better trailer for less will be reached.

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Broke an axle on my old 25 foot Bertram while on the road in Mississippi. Luckily we found with the trailer we needed. Not only did we have the trailer delivered to a location near us, we saved over 1200 dollars over the nearest competitor. Any company will sell you a produc...

Fred Drenzla
Fort Pierce, FL

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