Add only on large aluminum trailers over 8200 pound capacity.

Torsion Axles are standard on all aluminum trailers we sell up to 8200 pound capacity. 

What are the advantages of the Torsion axles? First, torsion axles provide an independent suspension, which will give a smoother ride. The rubber cords eliminate metal-to-metal contact for less wear and tear. The axle tube is welded or bolted to the frame and acts as an additional cross member for a stiffer trailer frame. Torsion axles have one feature that can only be found on an Torsion axle, quick change spindles. The ability to remove and replace the spindle could save the purchase of a new axle should the spindle become damaged in an accident or from bearing failure where the spindle is severely damaged. As a trailer owner, you can carry a spare tire, hub and spindle mounted on your spare tire carrier where only a spare tire was before. This keeps you on the road, not on the side of it.

Torsion Axle (each)

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